Mommy, Grandma, and Grandpa had me arrested for calling my girls on the phone. -Updated 4/13/2010

Dr. Connor lied, Judge Humphrey didn't care. Click here to read Dr. Connor's false testimony.

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The Criminal Complaint

“Call to talk to the girls.  I told him they were not here and hung up.  He Emmediately called back and twice I told him not to call here again.”  –Maternal grandfather’s Affidavit 09/10/09

What a loving grandfather.  I called his house because that was where the girls and their mother were living at the time.  My ex-wife would not answer her mobile phone so I called her parents’ house.  There comes a time when a parent becomes concerned when he cannot get in touch with his children.  My former father-in-law hung up after telling me that the girls were not there.  I called back to leave a message for them to call me.  When he answered the phone, he yelled, “Don’t ever call here again.”

Father_arrested Click here to see the Criminal Complaint filed by my ex-wife and Arthur Buechel.

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I cannot figure out what these people think that I should do.  “Sorry about the inconvenience, I will just wait until my daughters are adults and then I will resume a relationship with them.”  I guess that was the response that mommy, grandma, and grandpa were looking for.  Rather than accept the fact that I love my daughters more than anything in the world, they like to believe that I only act like I love the children to harass my ex-wife.  Grandpa also wrote, “Since [9/08/2009], he has also left message on Wednesday and Thursday.” 
I am lucky to be a person who never questions why people do what they do.  Someone could go mad trying to speculate why someone would file a criminal complaint against a father for calling his children’s home.  It is concerning that my children are exposed to that kind of hate and vengeance.  I had a great relationship with my father-in-law prior to the time that my wife said that she wanted a divorce.  Then this animosity grew because I refused to play a minor role in the girls’ lives.  I wanted joint custody.  She wanted full custody and wanted to minimize the time the girls and I had together.  If the maternal grandparents felt that my presence in my daughters’ lives was detrimental to their well being, why did they fail to show up to testify in the three day divorce hearing?  Probably because they would have had to testify that they never observed any harassing or threatening behavior.  They would have had to testify to witnessing the children occasionally crying when it was time to leave their dad.  When I left messages on their answering machine three days in a row, looking for my children, they used it as an excuse to punish me by having me arrested.  Why did they do it?  I do not spend much time pondering that question.  I guess they are just supporting their daughter’s efforts in eliminating me from the lives of my little girls.  It seems that the maternal grandparents’ hatred for me is greater than their concern for their granddaughters.  I don’t care to know what drives people to be hateful and vindictive; I just know that they are.

The Green Township Police Force

I feel the Green Township Police Department (OH) is guilty of poor discretion.  Officer Stanley was not a bad guy, he and/or the Green Township Police Department made an error in judgment.  The first time I heard about the telecommunication harassment situation was when Officer Stanley called me to inform me that there was a warrant out for my arrest.  You could have given me ten years to ponder why there was a warrant for my arrest and I would have never guessed that a father could be arrested for trying to call his children when there were no orders prohibiting him from doing so.  If Officer Stanley would have called me and told me to stop calling my ex-wife because of the telecommunication law, I never would have called.  Rather than calling me to inform me of the law, Officer Stanley arrested me for trying to contact my children.  When I met Officer Stanley at the Hamilton County Justice Center to turn myself in, Officer Stanley seemed apologetic about the situation.  It became apparent that my ex-wife did what she always had done; played the role of the abused single mother and made me out to be a villain.  Luckily, the Hamilton County prosecutor’s office and Judge Dwane Mallory saw through her and her parents' act.