Mommy, Grandma, and Grandpa had me arrested for calling my girls on the phone. -Updated 4/13/2010

Dr. Connor lied, Judge Humphrey didn't care. Click here to read Dr. Connor's false testimony.

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See how the Circuit Court of Dearborn County Indiana uses law enforcement to discourage the inspection of public records.


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Dan as an Attorney

“I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth… even if the truth pisses off the Judge.”

There is no gray area in right and wrong when it comes to the rights of children.

I am guilty of being naïve.  Guilty of believing that Judge Humphrey wouldn’t punish me (that much) for calling attention to the unethical behavior of Dr. Connor.  I guess I was naïve to think that Judge James D Humphrey would never punish my children because I submitted documentation to the Court demonstrating how Dr. Connor lied about the laws relating to the release of the custody evaluation case file.  I am guilty of telling the truth.  I was attacked by Judge Humphrey, Dr. Connor, and my ex-wife but at no point did anyone accuse me of being a liar.

People say you cannot make judges and attorneys mad.  “You’ll get blackballed.”  “They can retaliate against you.”  I can tell you from experience that it is true.

The one thing that I don’t want to inspire anyone to do is run out and represent yourself in a contested divorce hearing; not in Southeastern Indiana anyway.  As you can see from this website, I have been kicked in the teeth and still have the ability to press on.  I prepared myself for the worst so I was almost prepared when I got the news that Judge Humphrey terminated all of my parenting time.  If you are a person who can still think clearly when a judge takes away your ability to see your children you may be able to represent yourself.  If you can take a custody evaluator writing a report that says he can’t even communicate with you then you may be able to represent yourself.  My point is you have to be ready to face the unfathomable.  They don’t use real laws in family courts.  They make things up as they go.  Judges can do almost anything under the pretense that it is in the best interest of the children.