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Dr. Edward J Connor Psy D

"Our intent is to be sure that no factual information is inaccurate" -Dr. Edward J Connor 3/26/08

Dr. Edward J Connor Psy D performed a child custody evaluation in my divorce.  Dr. Connor told Judge Carl H Taul that his original evaluation report contained “numerous errors and oversights.”  When I requested a copy of Dr. Connor’s case file to see how there could be “numerous errors and oversights” in something as important as a child custody evaluation, Dr. Connor went on the offensive.  You will be able to see how Dr. Connor began to consider me to be a  “potentially dangerous” person after I began challenging Dr. Connor about the conflicting reasons as to why he wouldn’t release the case file as indicated by his contract.  The sad thing is, Dr. Edward J Connor will run to the Court to try to harm me for telling my story.  If Dr. Connor would have been honest, none of this would have been necessary.

Unofficial Bio of Dr. Edward J Connor Psy D

Dr. Edward J. Connor Psy D is a psychologist located in Erlanger, (Kenton County) Kentucky.  Dr. Connor and his wife, Sarah Jones-Connor PhD, are colleagues at Dr. Connor’s practice, Connor and Associates, PLLC.  When I began looking for information on Dr. Connor, there was very little information to be found.  Researching Dr. Connor’s background and professional history gave me some insight of who Dr. Connor may be.

Dr. Edward J Connor was raised in the Northern Kentucky Area.  Ed is the son of “Coach” Jim Connor.  “Coach” Jim Connor is an icon of Northern Kentucky High School and Collegiate athletics.  Jim Connor coached Newport Catholic (KY) to three state baseball championships in ‘50, ‘54, and ‘56.  According to the Kentucky Association of Coach Jim ConnorBasketball Coaches, Coach Connor had a career record of 431-127 while coaching basketball at Newport Catholic and Boone County High School.  Coach Connor may be the only person to have coached a future MLB Rookie of the Year, David Justice, and a future NBA Rookie of the Year, Dave Cowens.  Jim Connor served as head baseball and basketball coach as well as the athletic director at Thomas More College (KY) from 1979-1990.  The Connor Convocation Center, Thomas More’s basketball and volleyball facility, was named after Coach Jim Connor.

Dr. Connor’s Education (per Connor’s CV)
Dr. Connor majored in social studies at Wilmington College, (OH) from 1975-1977.  From 1977-1978, Dr. Connor was an exchange student from Wilmington College.  Dr. Connor studied abroad at Asa Folkhogskola in Skoldinge, Sweden.  From 1983-1986, Dr. Connor studied Clinical Application and Theory Basis for Individual, Marital, and Group Therapy at the Institute for Life Therapy, Malmo, Sweden.  [Note: There appears to be a conflict in Dr. Connor’s curriculum vitae as Dr. Connor states he worked as a therapist from 1982-1986 at the United Swedish Foundation Vallmotorp, Katrineholm, Sweden.  Connor states he worked in a Therapeutic Community for Dual-Diagnosed Substance Abusers. Connor duties included:

Conducting psychotherapy utilizing Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Therapy and Milieu Therapy, group therapy, directed intensive weekend group therapy; couples therapy for Re-Entry Program.

Connor claims that he served as a therapist despite Connor’s CV making no mention of any therapeutic/psychological experience or training  prior to 1982.  Connor stated he studied in Malmo, Sweden during the three years he worked as a therapist in Katrineholm, Sweden.  Malmo and Katrineholm are roughly 500 KM/310 miles apart.]

 After spending nearly a decade in Sweden, Dr. Connor returned to Kentucky where he attended Thomas More College from 1987-1989.  Connor majored in psychology and received his bachelor’s degree in 1989.  While at Thomas More College, he was an Admissions Counselor, Head Resident for Resident Halls, and Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach and Athletic Department Drug Testing Coordinator under Athletic Director, Jim Connor.

After leaving Thomas More, Dr. Connor received his doctorate from the University of Denver and did a doctoral internship at the UNC Memorial Hospital.

Suspicious Resume
Dr. Edward J Connor’s curriculum vitae makes no mention of any psychological training or education until 1983.  From 1975-1978, Dr. Connor studied social studies in the United States and Sweden.  Without any prior psychological experience, Dr. Connor claims he worked as a therapist at United Swedish Foundations Vallmotorp (Katrineholm, Sweden) where he conducted psychotherapy utilizing Gestalt and Milieu Therapy despite the fact that he had no formal psychological education until he attended the Institute for Life Therapy in Malmo, Sweden in 1983.  Dr. Connor claims he attended school at the same time he was working as a therapist over 300 miles away.

Dr. Edward J Connor has a private practice in Erlanger, (Kenton County) Kentucky.  Dr. Connor often provides expert courtroom testimony in both civil and criminal cases.  Though Dr. Connor was licensed by the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology, Dr. Connor provided psychological services for Indiana courts and judges without being licensed to practice psychology by the state of Indiana.  Indiana Code 25-33-1-14 Unlicensed Practice Prohibited states:

(c) It is unlawful for any individual, regardless of title, to render, or offer to render, psychological services to individuals, organizations, or to the public, unless the individual holds a valid license issued under this article

Dr. Connor operated as an unlicensed psychologist for Indiana courts until July 8, 2008.  Though Dr. Connor claimed it was not necessary to be licensed by the state of Indiana while providing psychological services for Indiana courts, Dr. Connor became licensed to practice psychology by the state of Indiana on July 8, 2008.

Dr. Connor doesn't’t know the laws pertaining to the release of child custody evaluation case files and psychological test data, yet Dr. Edward J Connor oversees and trains the staff at the Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky.

Dr. Connor’s office was the subject of a recent FBI investigation after his office manager made over $125,000 of unauthorized credit card purchases with Dr. Connor’s corporate credit cards.

  • Custody Evaluation
  • The Case File
  • Other Cases involving Dr. Connor
  • Ed's Connections
  • When Psychologists Attack

Custody Evaluation clipDr. Connor wrote a letter to Judge Taul claiming there were “numerous errors and oversights” in the custody evaluation.  How could this happen? If we call it confidential, we will never know.

Case File clipWould you agree to undergoing an evaluation for a legal proceeding if you were not allowed to review the evidence behind the report? Neither would I.  Dr. Connor’s contract said I was entitled to the case file.  So does Indiana and Kentucky law.  I still don’t have a copy.  What is in the evaluation case file that nobody wants me to see?
Marco Chapman Case clipDr. Connor said he couldn’t understand me because I had severe ADHD.  Here are some criminal cases where Dr. Connor evaluated people who had a lot more than ADHD going on.  Some of them have been executed.
Connor's AssociatesThe following is a list of professionals, organizations, government officials, etc… who may know about Dr. Connor.  I’m not saying all of these people are aware of Dr. Connor’s unethical actions, I’m just saying I know some of them may be.

Great WhiteThey say not to piss off the custody evaluator.  I guess they were right because he’s one mean rough old boy. Click on the Great White to see what happens when psychologists attack.