Mommy, Grandma, and Grandpa had me arrested for calling my girls on the phone. -Updated 4/13/2010

Dr. Connor lied, Judge Humphrey didn't care. Click here to read Dr. Connor's false testimony.

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See how the Circuit Court of Dearborn County Indiana uses law enforcement to discourage the inspection of public records.


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Why Judge Humphrey doesn't want me to tell my Story

He figured out that I wasn't going to self-destruct

Judge James D Humphrey bet with the odds and lost.  Dr. Connor stated in the evaluation that he had a hard time communicating with me.  Dr. Connor said my writings were confusing and difficult to follow.  Dr. Connor also stated that my writings were similar to those of individuals who have committed horrendous crimes against their families, even though the case file was never released and none of these alleged writings were submitted to court.  Judge Humphrey referenced my psychological testing that was interpreted by Dr. Connor.  Judge Humphrey did everything he could do to make me crack.  When he failed to do so during the divorce proceeding he did the one thing that would almost certainly drive a father to the brink; he took away my right to see my children.  He ordered that I pay my ex over $122,000 from farmland I do not and may never own.  Judge Humphrey ordered that I pay $40,000 out of $50,000 of my Ex’s legal fees.  Judge Humphrey awarded my mother’s TV to my Ex wife.  Judge Humphrey did everything in his power to be evil and vindictive in a last ditch effort to drive me over the edge.  I’ll never go over the edge because my daughters need a responsible father.  That’s why I am sharing my story.

The Family Court System is different from all court systems.  Civil rights do not apply; rules of evidence do not apply; and the Court has the authority to do almost anything in  the name of the best interest of the children.  The system has gotten so bad that people just resign to “that’s just the way the family court system is.”  People say “judges/lawyers are crooked and there is nothing you can do about it.”  I took a different approach.  I questioned the system when I was on the inside.  State law says I am entitled to the case file from the custody evaluation.  Dr. Connor’s contract said I was entitled to the file.  When no one would give me a copy of the file, I exercised my constitutional rights outside of the courtroom.  I exercised my freedom of speech.

Judge Humphrey retaliated against me for posting my story on the internet.  Some people say “you can’t piss off a judges because they may retaliate against you.”  That means a person should just accept judicial improprieties even if it damages their children.  Representing yourself in court or pissing the judge off is never a reason to completely eliminate the time children have with a parent; especially when the children were accustom to spending nearly half the time their parent, as in my case.  I began telling my story on the internet to make people aware of what goes on in Ripley and Dearborn County (IN) courtrooms.  If I would have published anything harassing about my Ex, Judge Humphrey could have forced me to take it down.  If my writings put my children in any kind of emotional or physical danger, Judge Humphrey would have ordered me to take it down.  When Judge Humphrey figured out that I was not going to stop publicizing the misconduct of his expert, Judge Humphrey dropped the biggest bomb in a judge’s arsenal, he took away my children.

When you drop your biggest bomb on your enemy, you better be sure it is the defeating blow.

Judge James D Humphrey thought that taking away my children would somehow make me kneel to the powers that be.  Judge Humphrey’s actions made me realize how unjust and vindictive Judge Humphrey is and his actions gave me the responsibility to protect my children and other children from his court.  What did Judge Humphrey think was going to happen when he took away all of his bargaining power?  The greatest fear in a parent’s life is losing their children.  Judge Humphrey took away my children and subsequently took away that fear.

If internet content about the Judge and the Judge’s unlicensed expert causes concern for the Judge, they probably did something wrong.

The final decree stated, “The Court is most concerned about Husband’s irrational behavior and attacks on Dr. Connor.”  Why?  Because Judge Humphrey knew his unlicensed expert did something wrong.  If the public found out that Judge Humphrey had been appointing an unlicensed psychologist who had been acting in a less than ethical manner, Judge Humphrey may be in trouble.  So what’s that got to do with my children?  Stealing my children was a last ditch effort for Judge Humphrey to try to prevent me from publicizing the unethical/illegal conduct of Judge Humphrey and Dr. Edward J Connor.

“The record of this case shows that Husband has tried to intimidate the Court.”

Intimidate– 1) to overawe or cow, as through the force of personality or by superior display of wealth, talent, etc.  2) to force into or deter from some action by inducing fear.

I didn’t walk into the courtroom with a muscle shirt while doing my best Hulk Hogan impersonation.  If I would have made any kind of threat to the Judge, I would have been in jail.  There are laws against intimidating witnesses.  I do not have any superior wealth or legal talents to display and I fail to see how I intimidated anyone through the “force of my personality.”  The fact that Judge Humphrey believed that I tried to “intimidate” him suggests he was “intimidated” by something that I did.  What the court record lacks is any example of what Judge Humphrey considered an act of intimidation toward the Court.  “The Court also finds that Husband has made a less than subtle attempt to intimidate Attorney (Angela) Loechel.”  Angela Loechel was my Ex’s attorney.  Why does Judge Humphrey feel the need to “protect” lawyers and “professionals” from my “intimidation”?  If I did anything menacing or harassing to Judge Humphrey, Dr. Connor, any other lawyer involved, they would be able to tear me apart.  Judge Humphrey may have had an unsettling feeling come over him when he realized that I walk the line, no matter how thin Judge Humphrey tried to make it.

Why don’t they do something about it?

If I am harassing Judge Humphrey, Dr. Connor, or the other attorneys that were involved in the case, why haven’t they done something about it?  I am quite certain that it does not have anything to do with showing any mercy for me considering that they worked to make my children fatherless.  It probably has more to do with the fact that if anyone files criminal charges or sues me, they would have to open their lives.  They would have to testify and would be subjected to subpoenas and depositions.  They would have to testify as to why they lied in court.  I believe that Judge Humphrey abused my children.  If Judge Humphrey believes the statement to be slanderous he can file a lawsuit.  Judge Humphrey would have to prove that the statement is not true.  I would call an expert into court and ask if it is emotionally traumatizing for children to abruptly lose all contact with a parent.  Then I would ask the expert “if someone removed the parent from the children’s lives for no reason, would it constitute abuse?”    Then Judge Humphrey would have to argue how he was justified in terminating my parenting time.  Judge Humphrey would also be questioned about why he ignored the evidence that demonstrated that Dr. Connor did not tell the truth on multiple occasions.  Judge Humphrey would have to testify as to why rushing the case to the final hearing was more important than appointing a guardian ad litem to protect the children.  The most significant factor is that any action taken against me will be a jury trial.  I fail to see how a jury will be sympathetic to judges and attorneys crying about an unrepresented father who is intimidating and not playing fair while representing himself in a divorce. 

This is why Judge James Humphrey doesn’t want me to share my story.  The best way that judges can prevent people from writing about their experiences in the family court system is to do their jobs honestly.  If Judge Humphrey would have been fair, there would be no story to tell.